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Welcome to the official Ending Days Wiki.
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Ending Days is a Roguelite/RPG developed by ohNussy, famous for the beloved Buriedbornes game. Much like Buriedbornes, this game takes inspiration and game mechanics in randomness, creating a unique and different playthrough each time. The stories are unrelated, Ending Days is a sequel to the "DeckDeDungeon" series. On the other hand, the gameplay shares several similarities.

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Play on web, Android | Playstore, iOS | App Store

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Nussygame | Ending Days website | Ending Days Discord server | Nussygame Support
Current Events
Event Duration: 2019-06-05 15:00 JST - 2019-07-31 15:00 JST

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What's New?
2019-06-06 - v.1.1.3 Bug fixes
  • (Improvement) Now you can use Book of jobs immediately after purchasing in supporter trade.
  • (Fix) Fixed a bug that dante’s name became True Satan and reinforcement of True Satan was applied.
2019-06-06 - v.1.1.2 Bug fixes
  • (Fix) Bug that the character’s dedicated gears are given no abilities after the game starts.
  • Added “50 proof of firesky” giveaway mission as apology.
2019-06-05 - v.1.1.1 Bug fixes
  • (Add) Direct Gold sale on item tab in shop page.
  • (Add) Adventure Interruption Function.

It is only for emergency. Under normal circumstances, use “Abandon” in the adventure menu.

  • (Add) Display a dialog asking for app store evaluation.
2019-06-01 - v.1.1.0 From the Firesky(Event)
  • New Characters: Valburga, Emma, and Lancelot.
  • New Rival: Gehenna.

The new event will be available on 2019-06-05.

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